Sunday, July 12, 2015

A weekend with 611 - Final

Hi, On Sunday, July 5th, we elected to spend only the morning photographing 611 as it ran between Roanoke and Lynchburg. 

Because of the need to allow sufficient time to get into position our first shot was at Villamont (above and two below).

We then headed to Lowry where we got the eastbound and


Our final shot of the day and the trip was at Webster.  Thanks for looking.

Friday, July 10, 2015

A weekend with 611 - 2

Hi,This post will cover Saturday, July 4.

We began our day at Webster (above and below).

As the weather began to clear we returned to Bedford to hopefully repeat the previous day's shot in sun.  However, it was not to be; only the very distant shot was sunlit.

We decided to stay in Bedford for the first westbound photograph (above and below).  The caboose appeared to be in someone's back yard.

Our next location was Villamont (above and below).  Note that there a number of possible angles here and long as the signals remain.

As on July 3rd, our afternoon began at Wabun.

Next up was Shawsville.

Our final westbound photograph of the day was at Chrisman Mill, just before Vicker.

At Vicker I chose to locate at the base of the signals between the tracks (above and two below).

The final location was back at Glenvar.  Thanks for looking.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A weekend with 611

Hi, I spent the July 4th weekend with friends Tom Bunjon, Bill Kalkman and Jim Kleeman  photographing former N&W class J #611 running on excursions between Roanoke and Lynchburg, VA and between Roanoke and Radford, VA. The train ran eastbound in the mornings and westbound in the afternoons.

We began the trip on Thursday, July 2 traveling to Roanoke via Lynchburg.  This gave us an opportunity to explore the line east of Roanoke which proved very useful in planning our morning photography.  We were pleased to find a number of color position light signals still functioning.  Unfortunately they all were gone west of Roanoke.

Our first photograph of the trip was at Bonsak from the Blue Ridge Parkway overpass.

We beat the train to Villamont by only a couple of minutes making it challenging to get into position for the desired photo.

The next stop was at Bedford (above and below).

At Forest we decided to get the train eastbound (above)

and then wait for the westbound.

Our next stop was at Montvale (above and below).

The final location of the morning was at Webster (above and below).

Our afternoon began at Wabun (above and below).

The next stop was Shawsville (above and below).

Vicker was the furthest west the train could be followed.  Here the westbound is arriving.

An old coaling tower at Vicker made a nice prop for our first eastbound photos (above and below).  We expected the train on the far track.

We returned to Shawsville for our next location. 

The final spot of the day was at Glenvar.  Thanks for looking.