Sunday, October 15, 2017

Spain and Morocco - 5, Marrakesh

Hi, After breakfast the morning we arrived in Tangier we transferred to buses for a 6 hour ride to Marrakesh.

On the way we took photos of some desert communities from the bus (above and below).

Here is a street scene, again from the bus, in Marrakesh.

Our first stop in Marrakesh was Jardin Majorelle, named after Louis Majorelle, the man who created it (above and five below).

On the way to lunch we took more photos from the bus.

When the bus could not get closer to the restaurant we walked taking photos as we went.

The restaurant was ornately decorated (above and two below).

Walking back to our bus through the Medina (market) provided additional photo oportunities (above and three below).

A mosque in the Medina was ornately decorated (above and two below).

Another photo op at the point we boarded our bus.

A stop was made at this Mosque but it was closed.

I visited a night market in Djemaa el Fna Square.

Our bus passed this fountain as we left Marrakesh.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Railfanning Central Pennsylvania - 1

Hi, Friend Jim Kleeman and I spent some time in Central Pennsylvania last week. Our objective was to photograph the SEDA-COG railroads Juniata Valley, Nittany & Bald Eagle, Lycoming Valley, and North Shore. As you will see in this and the next post weather was a problem

Our first stop for photography was at Mexico, PA on the way to Lewistown, home of the Juniata Valley. There still are New York Central style signals here and I hoped to photograph them with an eastbound. Fortunately, there were 3 eastbound trains in the offing. First up was #20 K.

We heard coal train #408 leaving the scales west of us a bit and expected it would be next up. However, it was not to be. Instead #21V arrived first and blocked the westbound signals to frame the eastbound coal train.

So we waited for the next eastbound, #12G.

After #12G passed we headed for Lewistown to look for the Juniata Valley. We found North Shore SW9 #446 working the yard there. It would cut out a car and head for Maitland with it.

Unfortunately, the locomotive painted for the Juniata Valley was in the engine house and would not be used.

We were able to shoot the train on its way to Maitland at two different locations in Lewistown (above and two below).

We easily beat the train to Maitland (above and three below).

The gondola was destined for the Joe Krentzman & Son scrap yard north of town. Just south of the scrap yard the crew ran around the gondola and

pushed it into the scrap yard (above and below).

The engine returned to Lewistown light.

It still made a nice photo running down the street in Lewistown (above and below).

The crew did some more yard switching before quitting for the day.

Heading west we stopped at Matewan for a westbound stack train.

Two more westbounds were photographed at Union Furnace (above and below).

Our day ended in Tyrone with an eastbound stack train,

the westbound Pennsylvanian making a station stop, and

another eastbound stack train.

Thanks for looking.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Spain and Morocco - 4, Cadiz

Hi, In the afternoon after our tour of Seville we boarded our ship, the Aegean Odyssey, and sailed down the Guadaira River to Cadiz.

Ruthe took some photos as we proceeded down river (above and 3 below).

After docking in Cadiz in the evening there was an opportunity to go ashore. This mime clown (above and below) was performing in a square near the ship.

This building, which I believe is the City Hall, is across the square.

I think this building is a church.

As a result of the Moorish influence in this area there is a great deal of tile work.

The next morning we traveled by bus to Jerez to visit a producer of sherry.

Sherry is produced by fermenting grapes. Every year a small portion of the sherry in the bottom row of barrels is drawn off and bottled. Then the same portion in the row of barrels above is drawn off and added to the bottom row. Small portions of wine continue to be moved down the rows until new grape juice is added to the top row. Hence sherry does not have vintage years.

The owners of this sherry producer collect works of art and we visited the gallery where a portion of their collection is on display (above and two below). Note this is not a public gallery.

This picture shows King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella accepting the surrender of the Moors after the final battle at Granada.

After we returned from Jerez some of us took a brief walking tour around Cadiz (above and five below).

These door handles caught my attention (above and below).

Thanks for looking.