Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Romance of the Rhine and Mosel - Switzerland 4

Hi, Today we traveled by bus to Basel, Switzerland. The afternoon was at leisure so Jim and Cathy Kleeman, and I took a walk; naturally ending up at the railroad station.

The next day we had a walking tour in the morning. This neat dragon statue is in St. Johann's park along the Rhine just above where our ship was docked.

As we left the park we passed the home of the Basel Model Railroad club.

After a few blocks of walking we reached St. Johann's Plaza from where we took a tram downtown. This was the location of St. Johann's gate which once had been part of the city wall (above and below).

Once we arrived downtown we passed the fine arts museum (above and below).

In the courtyard of of the museum is this statue titled the Burghers of Calais. It is a copy of a work by Rodin. The original stands in front of the city hall in Calais, France.

Our walk took us along a number of streets (above and four below).

Many of the buildings had interesting doorways (above and below).

We explored Basel Munster, a 12th century red sandstone church (above and two below).

Passenger ferries crossed the Rhine here. They are tethered via a cable and use the river's current for power (above and below). A "sail" hangs from the bottom of the boat at an angle to the current. As the ferry is tethered the current forces it to move across the river.

This square includes the Cardinal's residence.

I believe these are doors to the Cardinal's residence (above and below).

Here is a sign for a public men's room.

Our last stop was the town hall. The photo above was taken the day before. The day of our walk there was a market in the square in front of the town hall.

We had an opportunity to go inside the courtyard of the town hall.

On our return to the riverboat we passed this interesting statue in St. Johann's Park.

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Romance of the Rhine and Mosel - Switzerland 3

Hi, The city of Lucerne provides tourists with a 72 hour transit pass which can be obtained from the desk of their hotel. On our last day in Lucerne Ruthe and I used the transit pass to visit some places in the city.

Our first stop was the Hotel Gutsch located on a high hill overlooking the city.

After leaving the bus we took an incline to reach the hotel..

Here is the city wall as viewed from this really elegant hotel.

Our next stop was the Synagogue (above and below). While there were children about we did not see any adults to ask permission to enter the premises.

That afternoon I took a walk to visit some of the spots between our hotel and the city wall (above and five below).

This is the end of the city wall visible in the third photo from the top.

The side of the building next to the wall was covered in Wisteria.

Here is another example of building decoration.

One last view of the Chapel Bridge from the side of the river on which our hotel was located.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Romance of the Rhine and Mosel - Switzerland 2

Hi, On our third full day in Lucerne we took an optional trip to view the Alps.

Our first stop was the picturesque village of Brienz (above and five below).

The town is located on Lake Brienz (above and below) and

is known for its wood carving. This wooden girl was outside a carving shop.

Our next stop was Interlachen. This is one of the older elegant hotels in the town.

Across from the hotel was a park with some vibrant flower displays.

This is one of 72 waterfalls in the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

At Lauterbrunnen we boarded a meter gauge rack train for the trip to Kleine Scheidegg. Gears hanging down from the train engage the rack between the rails (looks like a stretched out bicycle chain) to the train up the steep grades. 

At Kleine Scheidegg there was a restaurant with some interesting statues outside, and ski runs.

Even though there were lots of clouds we did get some nice views of the Alps. Here is the Eiger.

After lunch we traveled down the other side of the mountain we had climbed that morning, ending our rail trip at Grindelwald Grund where a bus met us for our return to Lucerne.

On the trip down the mountain the weather began to clear providing some nice views of the Alps.

Here are two views in Grindelwald Grund (above and below) where we left the train. From here we took a bus back to Lucerne.

Thanks for looking.