Thursday, March 16, 2017

Railfanning 3/8/2017

Hi, On March 8 friend Dale Diacont and I spent a beautiful day railfanning the lower end of the NS Shenandoah Valley line. We began the day in Dale's hometown of Waynesboro, VA waiting for #201.

Instead we found local V83 working an industry on the south side of town. It did not take long before the light engines headed north to the small Waynesboro yard

for a crew change

before heading south to Lofton, VA to work.

On the way we caught the power at Lyndhurst.

The power beat us to Lofton but we did not have to wait long before they came out while switching. This provided a number of opportunities to photograph from different angles using different focal lengths (above and four below).

We then caught V83 heading north at Greenville, VA. The SD70 in the siding has a work train.

Having heard on the scanner that V83 was to meet #201 just north of Greenville we returned to Lofton for our next shot.

I really wanted to shoot a train at Solitude, VA so that was our next stop. After a long wait #201 showed up (above and two below).

We grabbed a sandwich to go at a Burger King and headed to Lithia, VA where 15T and 16T met. 16T was horribly back lit but 15T got its portrait taken passing the old section house on the left, and an old whistle post and CPL on the right.

Our last shot of the day was of 15T passing another CPL, this time at Cloverdale, VA on the outskirts of Roanoke.

A beautiful day with good railroad action and good company. The day was a 10!