Friday, June 30, 2017

New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona - 4, C&TS Final

Hi, This will be a short post as some of the photo locations chosen for Sunday afternoon just weren't worth the effort to climb on and off the train.

After the Cascade Trestle photo runbys we stopped at Osier to pick up box lunches and take water (above and below).

We met the westbound regular passenger train powered by 2-8-2 "Mudhen" #463.

A stop was made at Sublette (above and below).

This was the final photo run for friend Dale and Me. He did not even detrain here. The weather was deteriorating and the track was mostly obscured by brush.

We were going to have a photo opportunity at Lava where the regular eastbound passenger train would pass the photo freight. At this point we asked if we could complete our return to Antonito on the regular train and our crew arranged it for us. This saved us an hour which was very beneficial as we had a long drive to Farmington, NM that evening. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona - 3, Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad Continued

Hi, This is the second post on the C&TS photo freight.

The images above and below were taken during the last photo runby on Saturday.

When we returned to Antonito we spotted "Mudhen" #463 sitting outside the engine house being attended to.

Tanglefoot curve, location of the first photo runby on Sunday, provided some great photo angles (above and nine below).

We stopped for photos at two more locations. Here is the first one (above and two below) and

here is the second (above and four below).

The last photo run of the morning was at Cascade Trestle. Thanks for looking. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona Railfan Trip - 2

Hi, On the weekend of June 4th and 5th Dale Diacont and I participated in a freight charter on the Cumbres & toltec Scenic Railroad. Our train had seven cars including a newly restored caboose in which we rode, a box car that was set up with restrooms and a counter for snacks and souvenirs, two gondolas with benches and three additional gondolas to fill out the train. Our power was D&RG consolidation #315 built in 1895. For a history of this locomotive see -

On Saturday the trip began in Antonito, CO and terminated in Cumbres, CO with a bus return to Antonito.

We had numerous photo runbys each day. Therefore, I will break the charter photos into multiple posts to keep the length of each post down. Also, since most of the locations were out in the middle of nowhere I'll only comment where I have some specific information to share.

For this location the only time the sun was on the side of the train was when it was in the far distance. I don't like dark side shots and this time was no exception so none are shown (above and below).

Before re-boarding there was an opportunity to take some static photos (above and below).

The sun angle was fine here but there was lots of brush.

After turning the train at Big Horn Wye the train backed west a few blocks and we had three photo runs (above and two below).

Our charter then returned to the wye, was turned again to face west and waited for the regular westbound passenger train to pass us.

I really enjoyed about an hour riding in the cupola of the caboose.

One of the signature locations on the railroad is Rock Tunnel (above and below).

Our lunch break was at Osier, CO (above and two below).

Thanks for looking.

Monday, June 19, 2017

New Mexico, Colorado & Arizona railfan trip

Hi, Friend Dale Diacont and I spent nine days railfanning mostly in New Mexico during the first week in June. We arrived in Albuquerque late in the afternoon of June 1 and immediately drove to Santa Fe where we had dinner with Dale's stepson and spent the night.

On the morning of June 2nd we set out to photograph the Rail Runner Express commuter operation south of Santa Fe. All of the following photos, with the exception of two, were taken in this general area.

Our first stop was just east of the railroad off Santa Fe County Route 57 (above and two below).

After the morning rush we did some exploring to find locations for the afternoon. Then we headed into Santa Fe to provision for the rest of the trip and get lunch.

After lunch we stopped at the former Santa Fe depot (above and below). This is the northern terminus for Rail Runner Express and also a visitor center.

Our first location for the afternoon was the frontage road off I-25 near Rosario, New Mexico. Because Amtrak #4, the Southwest Chief, ran earlier than Amtrak reported we were not in position for the photograph we wanted. The best we could do was this going away shot.

Shortly after Amtrak cleared the early afternoon commuter train ran (above and below).

When there are no trains there usually is interesting scenery out west. In this case the contract between the well lit mountain in the background and shadowed foreground caught my eye.

We could see that there was sun near our morning location and it did not look like there would be sun near Rosario so we moved back to Santa Fe County Route 57 (above and three below).

Thanks for looking.