Sunday, September 18, 2016

Italy Trip - 10, Barcelona, Spain

Hi, We arrived in Barcelona a day early about mid morning to begin the second part of our trip to Italy, a Mediterranean Cruise.  After transfering to our hotel we had some lunch at a Burger King (places to eat near our hotel were limited) and then set out to explore Barcelona.

It was a holiday, St. Jordi Day, honoring the patron saint of Catalonia, an autonomous region of Spain. On this day women give men gifts of books and men give women red roses.

This building, Casa Batllo, was decorated with "red roses." This building is one of Gaudi's designs. He is a famous architect who designed many buildings and produced many statues in Barcelona.

The streets were really crowded with celebrants enjoying the beautiful day (above and two below).

These are three more Gaudi buildings (above and two below).

This building is called Casa Mila, La Pedrera.

Ruthe and I decided to take a hop on/hop off bus tour. Since the bus was crowded once we got seats on top we decided to stay on for the entire circuit.

These statues (above and below) are part of the facade of Sagrada Familia, a Cathedral of epic proportions.  Construction began in 1882 and Gaudi became involved in 1883.  Construction is expected to continue at least until 2027.

The climate of Barcelona is very pleasant so balconies are common (above and below).

Many of the street lights had interesting designs (above and below).

Many sculptures adorn the city.  Here is a Jean Miro sculpture,

the Montjuic communications tower, and

a Ray Lichtenstein sculpture.

We passed the art museum with its magic fountain.

On the morning before we transferred to the ship friends Jim and Ila Beck (Jeremy's parents) and I walked up to the Sagrada Familia (above and below)

where we encountered a footrace.

Finally some wall decorations I spotted on our walk back to the hotel. Thanks for looking.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Woodward Dream Cruise

Hi, On the Saturday of our trip Dale and I attended the Woodward Dream Cruise in the suburbs of Detroit.  This event is held Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the third weekend of August.  It attracts vehicles across the spectrum from before World War II to the present with the emphasis on the 50s and 60s.

The event covers Woodward Avenue from Eight Mile Road (the Detroit City Line) to Pontiac, MI. Most owner attendees park their vehicles somewhere along this route and they can be viewed by passers by. However, some elect to drive them up and down Woodward Avenues (cruise) at least part of the time.

I will comment on some of the photos while others will be included without caption information.

Above is the interior of a 1941 Lincoln Continental.

And here is the exterior.

One of the parking lots along the route had a collection of Lincolns including and this 1962 Continental with "suicide" rear doors.

Scorpio is being imported by Mahindra, an Indian company.

This 1959 Chevrolet came dressed as a Maumee, Ohio police car.

The man in the wedding photo is the only owner of the while 1960 Chevorlet shown below.  In the photo above the couple is in the rear seat of the car.

Plymouth Prowler.

1949(?) Hudson.

1932 Hupmobile and

trailer made from a Hupmobile car body.

1949 or 1950 Ford Woody station wagon.

1959 Chrysler.

1934 Bugatti (above and below).

Being a Michigan Alum I couldn't resist this.  GO BLUE.

Hanging out and enjoying the open air in a 1962 Chevy.

1954 Pontiac.

1955 Chevy.

1956 Chevy.

1957 Ford Fairlane.

Shelby Cobra.

An early Ford Bronco.

Late 1960s Pontiac LeMans.

1951 Chevy.  This in Blue was my parents' first car.

Another 1955 Chevy.

1959 Ford.

1955 Buick.

Thanks for looking.