Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ohio Railfanning - 4

Hi, On the final morning of our trip Dale and I visited Berea, OH.  For me this was a primary target as I had always wanted to photograph here.  Dale made it last year while I spent four hours in a nearby hospital emergency room getting checked out.  Berea did not dissapoint.

First up was an eastbound CSX stack train providing one of the signature views.

NS was a little harder to photography, however, some judicious cropping provided these views (above and three below).

A westbound autorack train came through

and met an eastbound stack train.

A telephoto lens, again with some cropping, yielded these photos (above and two below).

A road bridge with a sidewalk allowed these views (above and three below).  Foreign power was a pleasant surprise.

After waiting out two trains with foreign power with the sun obscured by clouds finally success.  This was the final photo of the trip.

Thanks for looking.

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