Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ohio Railfanning - 3

Hi, After we left Fostoria Dale and I moved west to Deshler, OH. The former B&O Chicago to the east coast mainline crosses the former B&O route from Toledo to Cincinnati here.

The tower and station are located on opposite sides of the former B&O Cincinnati route and north of the former B&O (above and below).

A northbound train approached the diamonds

with a CSX unit leading UP power.

On the mainline a tank train headed east.

An autorack train waited in a siding just south of town for a meet with a northbound train (above and four below).

After the northbound stack train cleared

the autorack train resumed its southbound journey.

Friend Dale got his shot.

Our final photo of our visit to Deshler was this manifest freight coming east on the former B&O Chicago to east coast mainline and taking the connection to head north on the former B&O to Toledo.

Thanks for looking.

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