Monday, August 21, 2017

Trip to Summerail in Marion, OH - 3

Hi, Finally, late Friday afternoon we reached Marion and went directly to the station, which is now a museum and has a large model railroad, to find out about the schedule for the weekend.

Norfolk Southern's line between Columbus and Sandusky was active. The first train was this local coming north. It would proceed north of the station up to a small yard, which is its base. The picture was taken from the top step of AC tower.

Shortly southbound coal empties came through town, again from the top step of AC tower.

These are the phones and

the model board in AC tower. The levers are also in the tower in their original position under the model board and they still work. While obviously they do not control any track the board will still light up to show any route that is lined. Also, Tower Preservation Society members can cause an appropriate light on the model board when they determine using a radio that a train is approaching.

The tower originally sat in the northwest quadrant of the crossing between what is now NS and what is now CSX.  On November 26, 1999 it was moved to the southwest quadrant. When it was erected at its current location it lost about 1/2 its height.

Another string of coal empties heads south across the CSX diamonds. This is now CSX's mainline between Cleveland, Indianapolis, and St. Louis. The north track here (nearest the train) once was part of the Erie RR.

After awhile the local came back and picked up a string of cars that had been left by CSX for interchange.

Finally a southbound train of coal empties showed up on CSX's Toledo to Columbus line. The train is crossing the Cleveland to St. Louis main.

Our day wrapped up with a pleasant surprise; one of the NS C4 rebuilds on the point of a northbound coal train.

After checking out the vendors at Summerail on Saturday morning we returned to the station where we shot a southbound headed for Columbus, and

northbound light power (above and below).

We finally caught trains on CSX headed for Indianapolis, one passing through downtown and

one about to cross NS (above and below).

Our last train in Marion was this NS southbound.

On our way home on Sunday we stopped along NS east of Pittsburgh for some photography. I had shot this cut west of Latrobe, PA during Conrail and wanted to photograph a train here under NS.

We then  went into Latrobe where we got this eastbound stack train and a westbound coal train at the sttion. Unfortunately I messed up the shot of the coal train.

Thanks for looking. 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Trip to Summerail in Marion, OH - 2

Hi, The second day began with a stop in Bellevue, OH.

On the way from Norwalk, where we spent the night, we encountered the Wheeling and Lake Erie transfer to Bellevue on the outskirts of town.

The south end of the yard in Bellevue is a railfan hangout complete with a viewing platform. This view of a southbound or westbound train (its either headed to Fort Wayne, IN or Columbus, OH) is from across the tracks from the viewing platform.

Looking south and across the street from the viewing platform an old tower used to control the complex approaches to the yard.

Here another southbound or westbound departs the yard (above and below).

Another northbound approaching the yard

gets a wave from a young railfan. He was one of a group of four from northern Virginia who had been driven out by one of their moms and had spent a few days prior to this in Fostoria, OH.

The final train we shot in this area was this local on the line to Toledo.

Next we drove up to the north end of the yard keeping as close to the tracks as possible. At one point we crossed the line coming down from Sandusky, OH where we encountered this train of empty coal hoppers. Up until 1964 this was Pennsylvania Railroad trackage.

Ohio Route 4 looks down on the hump and engine house. Typical hump power is an SD40 and two slugs. One of the slugs pictured is from an Alco.

The power from the Wheeling and Lake Erie transfer came down through the yard.

The power of an arriving train included two former BN SD60Ms with the three window windshield.

Note that this is a two track hump. As soon as the crew of the train on the left has pushed the final car over the hump they will return to the receiving yard for another cut of cars and the train on the right will begin to hump its cars. This greatly improves the humps productivity.

An eastbound headed to Cleveland leaves the yard.

The final stop before Marion was at Bucyrus, Ohio. This train is on the Sandusky Line. All of the trains we saw in Bucyrus were on this line.

The building to the left is the former Toledo and Ohio Central Station and that railroad, which was a New York Central property and is now abandoned here, stopped on the other side of the station.

The train then crossed the former PRR mainline between New York City and Chicago, now down to a single track.

Here another southbound is crossing the former Pennsy mainline.

Our last train in Bucyrus was a northbound, again crossing the former Pennsy mainline.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Trip to Summerail in Marion, OH - 1

Hi, Friend Jim Mixter and I attended Summerail in Marion, OH on August 12. We spent three days getting there visiting a number of railfan points of interest along the way.

Our first stop was on the west side of Pittsburgh, PA where we arrived about 11:00 AM on August 9. I had photographed Conrail coming across the Ohio River on the Ohio Connecting Bridge and wanted to do it with NS. This was my second attempt. Alas, all we saw in almost two hours were these two eastbound stack trains (above and below).

Stack and auto rack trains use this route to bypass Penn Station in downtown Pittsburgh due to clearance problems. They will cross the Monongahela River upstream of Pittsburgh at Port Perry and reenter the mainline at East Pittsburgh.

Eastbound coal trains out of Shire Oaks Yard take the left leg off the bridge and get on the mainline until just across the river from Penn Station at CP Penn. From here they continue on the Connemaugh (low grade) Line crossing the Allegheny River at Freeport, PA and rejoining the main at Conpit Jcn., west of Johnstown, PA.

After lunch we stopped at Leetsdale, where an eastbound came along after a short wait.

Our final stop of the day was at the east end of Conway Yard. One of the most interesting things to come along was this pair of tow boats running together; somthing I have never seen.

After awhile an eastbound arrived (on the right in the above photo),

the power cut off and ran east (above and two below),

and then ran back to the shop.

The next day we started out looking for the Ashland Railway. After getting some info at their yard in Mansfield, OH we headed over to Ashland where we finally located their crew switching the Packaging Corporation of America facility.

Based on some information heard on the radio we headed downtown where we got a few photographs as the crew moved around to switch cars so a weed sprayer could treat sidings (above and two below).

We were able to photograph the train three times on its way back to Mansfield (above and two below). This photo is just west of Ashland.

The location shown on our DeLorme Atlas for this photo is near Five Points.

The early afternoon was spent searching for Ashland Railway's 2:30 PM yard job; unfortunately to no avail. After giving up on the Ashland Railway we finished our day at Willard. In the photo above a local is backing east into the yard.

The local backed in past a westbound manifest waiting to depart.

Soon the westbound got the signal and accelerated out of town.

We ran into some railfans who told us the Ashland Railway job that runs from Mansfield to Willard was sitting on the east side of Willard waiting for a crew so we headed over there.

This is the Ashland Railway's other paint scheme. I don't know which is the most recent.

Thanks for looking.