Sunday, August 6, 2017

Delmarva Central - 8/3/2017

Hi, I joined friends Jim Kleeman, Bill Kalkman, and Jim Stanton for a great day of photographing Delmarva Central's local SE-1 on Thursday, August 3.. The railroad was created in 2016 to take over the remaining daily operations of Norfolk Southern on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Our plan was to meet Jim Stanton, who was vacationing with his family in Ocean City, MD, in Seaford, DE and spend some time taking photos of SE-1, the local based there. Our next target would be HA-1, the turn job from Harrington, DE to Clayton, DE ending the day with DE-2, the afternoon Delmar Local. However, as things turned out the work SE-1 had to do was so interesting we spent the entire day following it.

We arrived in Seaford at 8:00 AM. The crew did not arrive until about 9:20 and it was another 20 minutes or so before they got on their train. We spent the time taking a variety of static photos (above and two below) and visiting.

There are a number of former PRR depots along the line, including this one at Seaford.

The crew split the engine set and took one of the units to work an industry in town (above and two below). The tank cars are used to transport asphalt.

There was a steady stream of trucks moving through the area, including this very rare in the US cab over engine design. They were very popular in the US for heavy duty trucks in the 1970s and are about all you see in Europe and Asia.

When the switching was done the crew coupled the engine they were using to the cut of cars left day before by the Maryland & Delaware,

got on the locomotive on the north end of the train

and headed out. Here the south end of the train is passing the old PRR station.

On the north end of Seaford they stopped to pick up some cars from a siding.

Continuing north about a mile they passed an industrial park.

The next stop was the large elevator for Allen Harim Foods in Cannon, DE.

The crew then continued north through Bridgeville, DE and on to Greenwood, DE.

Here the northbound is just south of Greenwood.

After working at an industrial park on the north side of Greenwood SE-1 comes south past another of the PRR depots still located on line.

The southbound SE-1 next stopped to work the Perdue Farms feed mill on the north side of Bridgeville, DE (above and two below).

Having finished up at Perdue Farms the crew continued south through Bridgeville

to Cannon, DE where they again worked Allen Harim Foods.

The day ended where it began at Seaford, DE where the SE-1 crew took a single car south across the Nanticoke, River.

Thanks for looking.

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