Thursday, December 17, 2015

Great Rivers of Europe - 11

Hi, We are finally getting close to the end. Our next two stops provided little in the way of photographic opportunities.

First up was Passau, our final stop in Germany.

There are some steep cliffs along the river which provide some interesting settings for houses.

Here is an interesting manhole cover Ruthe spotted.

Some of the buildings had interesting doorways which caught Ruthe's attention.

St. Stephens Cathedral is the seat of the Catholic Bishop of Passau and the main church in the diocese.  The statue is of King Maximilian Joseph the first of Bavaria.  Ruthe took the photo.

As we left the city we passed this fortification across the Danube from the main part of the City.

Passau lies at the confluence of the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers.  In the scene above the Ilz is flowing into the Danube.  

Our first stop in Austria was Melk.  It is best known as the site of a massive baroque Benedictine monastery named Melk Abbey.  As we had seen a number of buildings in the baroque style we skipped the optional trip to the Abbey.

Instead I took a walk into town while Ruthe stayed on the boat.  I did not find much to photograph, however, I did like this colorful scene.

Thanks for looking.