Thursday, July 20, 2017

New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona - 8, BNSF's Southern Tanscon - 3

Hi, On Thursday, June 8 we spent a good bit of the early morning at the BNSF grade crossing with county Route 19 in Prewitt, NM. From there every 15 minutes or so we went up to the Plains Escalante Generating Station plant to see if there was any sign of activity as the coal train was supposed to run that day. However, when nothing happened by 10:00 AM we gave up and concentrated on the Transcon the remainder of the day.

Here a Citirail unit is one of the DPUs on an eastbound stack train.

When this westbound  auto rack train appeared Dale commented that he had to come all the way to New Mexico to see the NS Southern heritage unit.

Here are four more trains (above and four below) at the grade crossing. Note that the two photos immediately below are of the same train.

Amtrak's train # 4, the Southwest Chief, heads east.

Moving east our next location was North Acomita Village, NM. It was interesting how the contemporary homes were built in the middle of the ruins of the old dwellings.

After a short wait an eastbound work train showed up.

There must have been track work ahead at Casa Blanca, NM because the work train had to wait here until an opposing grain train (DPUs shown in the two photos below) crossed over at the interlocking behind me.

Heading west again we spotted a westbound stack train from I40 near McArtys, NM and had time to take the next exit to this location east of Grants, NM (above and below). We had photographed an east bound stack train and the eastbound Southwest Chief from this location the day before.

Continuing west we stopped east of Prewitt, NM for these views of an eastbound and

a westbound (above and below).

Moving west again we stopped at Coolidge, NM for a few trains - a west bound oil train above,

a west bound stack train (above and below),

the DPUs on another westbound oil train, and

and an eastbound double stack (above and below).

For our final photos we returned to Prewitt where we found stacked up stack trains.

Finally they were cut loose and the lead train started to move.

The last shot of the day was of an eastbound stack train. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona - 7, BNSF's Southern Tanscon - 2

Hi, As the Escalante Western was not scheduled to run on Wednesdays we had all of June 7 to spend on the Transcon.

Our day began west of Milan, NM where we caught a westbound stack train and then

a westbound bare table meeting and eastbound stopped at a red signal.

We caught the eastbound stacker east of Grants, NM followed by

Amtrak #4, the eastbound Southwest Chief.

On our return to the location west of Milan, NM we were rewarded with an eastbound stack train and

an eastbound auto rack train (above and below).

In the afternoon we returned to Prewitt, NM (above and below) and

then caught the bare table again at Thoreau, NM.

Our final location for the day was Coolidge, NM (above and two below). The lines split here with the north track breaking away toward the cliff and the south track staying near I40. Generally, eastbound trains use the north track and westbound trains the south track.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona - 6, BNSF's Southern Transcon

Hi, Beginning with the fifth day of our trip friend Dale Diacont and focused on BNSF's Southern Transcon, with the exception of the effort we put into obtaining the Escalante Western photos presented in the previous post.

We arrived in Gallup, NM from Kayenta, AZ a little after 10:00 AM on Tuesday, June 6 and headed east. When we reached Prewitt, NM we exited the interstate as this was where we hoped to find the Escalante Western arriving at the nearby Plains Escalante Generating Station. As we followed Historic Route 66 east from Prewitt we were surprised to spot this stack train at East Pegs stored on the east leg of the wye leading to the power plant (above and below). Apparently it is not unusual for BNSF to store trains here until they are able to run them.

Having a stationary train allowed for a variety of photos. Here are three (above and two below).

Later in the afternoon the light shifted to the side of the train facing the road.

We caught a westbound at Thoreau, NM and

east of Wingate, NM.

The dramatic cliffs end at Lupton, AZ (above and five below).

Thanks for looking.