Monday, September 5, 2016

Ohio Railfanning - 2

Hi, Day 3 started back at Greenwich, Ohio. While both lines were active we never saw a train come east from Willard, OH and continue on the former B&O toward Pittsburgh, PA.

These trains (above and below) are on the former NYC's Big Four headed east.

I had these kinds of shots in mind for a train headed east across the diamond.  However, this train took the diverging route of the turnout just in front of it onto the short connection (above and two below) and headed for Cleveland and points east.

Here a train is headed down the former Big Four toward St. Louis.

The diamonds are of a new design in which the wheels ride on the flanges thereby eliminating the rattle and jarring of a standard crossing.

This train is coming off the former Big Four onto the short connection headed for Willard, OH.

UP power showed up occasionally.  Here two of their units are leading a tank train through the short connection to head for Cleveland and points east (above and below).

This eastbound train is headed up the former NYC's Big Four.

We spent the afternoon checking out the Wheeling and Lake Erie one last time with no luck.  We then checked out the Ashland Railroad, again without finding a train.  After checking into our motel in Mansfield, OH we headed for the tracks.  This the former Pennsy mainline between New York City and Chicago.  Conrail downgraded it to a secondary main and it went to NS in the Conrail split.

Friday began in Fostoria, OH.  This train is southbound on former C&O track out of Detroit and is taking the connection to head west on the former B&O.

There is a yard south of the CSX diamonds on the former C&O.  Here a slug/mother set is switching (above and below).

NS crosses both the former B&O (shown above and below) and C&O in town.

Here an eastbound on the former B&O is crossing the former C&O.

Thanks for looking.

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