Friday, April 30, 2010

Railfanning 4-29-10

Hi, As yesterday was supposed to be, and turned out to be, a beautiful day friend Dale Jacobson and I decided to head for Hagerstown, MD to see what we could find. About 45 minutes after we arrived #211 came into town followed by #11R. Train #211 now seems to be mostly stacks, which was surprising as it used to be a TOFC/COFC train. Train #11R comes off the CP in Harrisburg, PA.

After photographing these 2 trains we elected to go looking for the Winchester & Western train which normally arrives in Hagerstown in the late morning. We found it about 4 miles from the yard with a high hood geep leading. The trailing unit, the railroad's only slug with a cab, was a pleasant surprise and we decided to photograph the train when it returned south.

The locomotives dropped their inbound train of some 30 cars but had only 2 cars to take home with them. The following photos were taken between Hagerstown, MD and Martinsburg, WV, where we ended our chase as we felt there were no interesting locations south of here.

As it was about 3:00 PM when we broke off the chase we decided to move east to Brunswick, MD in the hope of catching one of MARC's new MP36's on a train. When we arrived there and checked the MARC schedule we learned that the first rush hour train was scheduled to arrive at Point of Rocks, MD in about 20 minutes so we headed there. However, first up was CSX's Frederick Local.
Next was a MARC commuter train. Although we saw four trains and heard one more, none had an MP36. Oh well.

Our second commuter train photograph was at Dickerson,

and our third was just east of the Barnesville station.

We thought it was a very good day. I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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