Friday, September 3, 2010

Railfanning 8-31-2010

Hi, Friend Stan Short and I spent the afternoon last Tuesday photographing in Brunswick and Point of Rocks, MD. We started in Brunswick where we photographed a westbound auto rack train passing a stopped empty coal train and WB tower. This is the last operating CSX tower between here and Rowelsburg, WV or Connellsville, PA.

Shortly after the auto rack train cleared the coal empties headed west.

We then relocated to Point of Rocks where we photographed three westbound commuter trains, Amtrak's Capital Limited, and 3 CSX freight trains. Engines 20 and 21 are from a group of brand new locomotives currently being delivered by Motive Power Industries.

This CSX train is bringing incinerated garbage from the Marant Energy power plant at Dickerson, MD to Brunswick for shipment to a landfill.

Shortly before the second commuter train arrived we were pleasantly surprised when friends Dave Ori and Terry Chicwak from Cleveland showed up. We spent the next hour visiting and shooting whatever came along.

In the midst of the commuter rush CSX ran Q137, an intermodal train, west off the Old Main Line.

These locomotives will soon be almost entirely gone, being replaced by new ones like numbers 20 and 21.

Our final train of the day had westbound coal empties.

Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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