Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hong Kong visit

Hi, Presented below are a selection of photos taken during a three day stay by my wife and me in Hong Kong prior to our tour to Viet Nam and Cambodia.

Like mainland China, Viet Nam and Cambodia shops in Hong Kong are right out on the side walk. Furthermore, shops of a certain kind congregate together. So, for example, all the sea products shops would be found in the same block or two.

We took a day tour of the city on our first day. Our first stop was the Man Mo temple where we watched as people lit incense and said their prayers.

Next wee took a cable car to the top of Victoria Peak. Unfortunately the weather during our stay was very hazey.

At night we took the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbor to Kowloon. We walked past a Christmas Display near the ferry terminal to get to a good place to view the light show on the buildings in Hong Kong.

The next day we took the subway to Kowloon and went to a temple street fair.

It was obviously a favorite for kids.

The highlight for us was the dragon parade. However, the masses of people made photography challenging.

Of course the highlight of the parade was the dragon snaking through the street.

We crossed Victoria Harbor on the Star Ferry again and here are some of the boats we saw.

This is a Star Ferry arriving in Kowloon.

Finally some photos from our morning ride on the tram.

We were amazed at the amount of hand labor that still exists in Hong Kong.

Housing is really high density and very expensive. An apartment in one of these buildings can cost over $ 1 million US.

Most of the busses are double decker.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. It was a great visit and a break in our flights from Washington, DC to Saigon.

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