Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Washington DC Photos

Hi, Our guide in Viet Nam, and now friend, Tran was visiting last week and Wednesday and Thursday was spent showing him the sights in Washington, DC. I took a point and shoot along on Wednesday. I gave myself the assignment of pretending to be a tourist and shoot as if I were just visiting. Here are some of the results with comments only where I feel necessary.

The next 3 photos are the relatively new WWII memorial.

For me the Viet Nam Memorial is the saddest place in the US, and possibly the world.

I feel people making rubbings of names on the wall symbolizes what it is all about.

I had never visited the Korean War Memorial. The realism of the soldiers who seem to be on patrol was stark.

There was a wall across a path next to the memorial that had images of service people. It also was very smooth, and therefore reflective. I attempted to get the reflection of the statue in the foreground on the wall in the photo below.

Here again reflections of the statues and the images on the wall.

The following 5 images are from the Franklin D. Roosevelt memorial.

One part of the memorial is given over to water flowing over rocks. I have no idea why this was included but I was intrigued by the textures and play of light.

Finally, my political commentary. There has been much said and written by strict constructionists of our Constitution about how we need to interpret it as our founders wrote it. However, here in the Jefferson Memorial is a quote from one our founders that I think disputes the claims of the strict constructionist.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Bob

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