Sunday, August 28, 2011

Russia photos

Hi, My wife Ruthe and I were joined by friends Jim and Ila Beck for a river boat cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg in Russia. One of the ports we stopped at during that cruise was Petrozavodsk. Since the weather was pretty poor and the city tour did not seem to be very interesting Jim and I elected to take a walk instead. We wound up at the railroad station just in time to photograph this train arriving.

The station shown behind the cars is mostly empty. There is a waiting room and a place to buy some food. Tickets are sold in the modern annex behind the pine trees at the left of the photo. There is another waiting room along with schedule info here. The cars 2 tracks over are on the rear of another train which would leave shortly.

The train spent about 1/2 hour unloading and loading passengers. It was very long, 15-20 cars, and the platform was very crowded.

While the train was at the platform a pair of what we believe were freight locomotives passed through the station.

After the passenger train left we walked to the end of the platform where this Diesel Mechanical Unit railcar sat.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Bob

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