Thursday, September 1, 2011

Russia - 2

Hi,  We began our second day in Moscow with a visit to a local cemetery where many of Russia's elite are buried.  However, what struck me was how elaborate and unusual the gravestones were.  This one marks the resting place of Boris Yeltsin.

I don't remember who most of these people were.

This gentleman was a very famous and beloved clown.


Moscow University was built in the Stalin style.  The University is located at the top of the Sparrow Hills.


Another of the ubiquitous Russian Orthodox Churches also was at the top of the hills.

This view looks north from the Sparrow Hills over Moscow.

During the afternoon we had an opportunity to meet and question, through an interpreter, three Russian veterans of WWII.  The lady was a spy, the gentleman in the middle served in the Air Force, and the gentleman on the right was a POW who was liberated by the U. S. Army and joined the unit that liberated him.  When that unit turned south he left it and continued east until he was able to link up with Russian forces.

That evening we went to the circus.  In the lobby, before we entered the arena, there were opportunities to be photographed with some of the show animals, including an Orangutan, and

a Tiger.

It was a really good show.  All of the photos were taken with available light.

The next morning I photographed this small tanker used to refuel river boats.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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