Saturday, November 19, 2011

Turkey - 1

Hi, From October 18 through November 3 my wife and I visited Turkey.  I am going to try to break these posts into shorter segments than usual, although I suspect I won't always be successful.

Our trip began in Istanbul.  As we had seen the major attractions during our first visit a year and a half ago we elected to spend the first 2 full days on our own and join the group only for the welcome dinner on the first night and then when the tour left Istanbul on October 21.

For our first day we decided to see the Jewish Museum and then take a boat ride on the Bosphorus.  A cab from our hotel got stuck in traffic and, as we thought we were close to our destination, we decided to walk.  However, although very close, the museum was not easy to find, even though we had an address and a google map.  We were fortunate in that the local Turks were very friendly and tried to help.  When we encountered someone who could not speak English he would find someone who could.

While wandering the streets we encountered this gentlemen with his cart.  On the cart was a copier and his business was bringing his copy machine to people's doors.  He is in the process of making a copy.

Even with a great deal of help it seemed no one knew the location of the museum until we got within a few blocks.  At this point we were told we would find the museum if we walked down 2 blocks and turned left.  It would be at the end of the street, and it was.  The statue is outside the museum which at one time was a Synagogue.  Inside the museum there were interesting displays concerning Jewish History in Istanbul.  However, photography was not permitted inside the museum.

As we exited the museum I noticed this parabolic mirror and thought the reflection looked interesting.

We the walked from the museum down to the Golden Horn which we crossed.  This view looks back across the Golden Horn toward the new part of Istanbul.

The bridge is a favorite spot for fishermen.

After lunch we took an excursion boat along the Bosphorus.  A mosque located along the Bosphorus contrasts with a high rise office building.

One of Istanbul's universities is located along the Bosphorus.

The walls of an old fortress come down to the water's edge.

The shore's of the Bosphorus and the Dardenelles are favorite places for the wealthy to build homes.

A military academy is on the Asian side of the Bosphorus.

Two suspension bridges cross the Bosphorus.

Crossing the major streets is accomplished with tunnels.  These tunnels provide prime locations for selling all kinds of merchandise.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. The next post will have something I think is truly novel; so please stay tuned. Bob

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