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Railfanning 12-28-2011

Hi, Friend Doug Koontz and I elected to head up to the Brandywine Valley in Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania last Wednesday to try and find the 2 GP-38s the East Penn Railroad had leased a few months ago.  After driving up from St. Dennis, Maryland we stopped at the railroad's office at Kennett Square, PA where we were told that the crew had left about 20 minutes earlier and they had work to do at Pocopson, PA.  They would then go on to Embreeville and Modena, PA before turning around and heading for the CSX interchange at Elsmere Yard outside of Wilmington, DE.  We did note that only one of the GP-38s was present leading us to hope the other was on the train.

We immediately headed for Pocopson where we found a long string of cars on a siding but no sign of the train.  Doug went into a hardware store located along the tracks to ask if anyone had seen the train.  He was told that they thought the train had headed south about 20 minutes earlier.  Therefore, we turned around and headed south.  When we checked the tracks south of Chadds Ford, where the former PRR east west line from Kennett Square joins the north south line (former Reading) from Modena to Elsmere, it was obvious the train had not passed.  After some further checking of the track at the junction of the 2 lines we headed back north.

Finally, after checking as best we could we found the train, consisting of 2 units and a flat car, at Embreeville, PA.  We had a few minutes to snap photos and talk to the crew before the train headed north.  What we learned was the crew had driven to Embreeville to pick up the train.

We were able to catch the train once more before it headed into the yard about a mile north of Modena where interchange with the Brandywine Valley RR was accomplished.  Branywine Valley is the plant railroad for the Arcelor Mital steel mill (formerly Lukens Steel) in Coatesville, PA.

After about a 30 minute wait the train headed south with  a former New York Susquehanna & Western GP-18 leading.  On the southern outskirts of Modena it crossed a small creek.  Its interesting that this locomotive is almost 50 years old and has just begun to serve its second owner.

We caught the train a number of times along the country roads as it headed south,

including here at Northbrook, pA.

The crew stopped at Pocopson, PA to switch, first passing the former Reading Station

and then some cabooses on display.

Just south of Pocopson the tracks pass a horse farm.

As we could not find additional locations we felt were worth photographing we decided to wait at Elsmere Yard for the train.  However, before the East Penn entered the yard a CSX local arrived with a GP30 slug freshly repainted into the latest scheme on the point.

Finally, as the sun was disappearing from view the East Penn train entered the yard.

We really enjoyed the day and I hope you enjoy the photos.

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Bill Kalkman said...

All very nice. Especially like the one at the horse farm.