Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baltic Cruise - Helsinki

Hi, We visited Porvoo, in Finland, before returning to Helsinki for a short tour.  The town is one of the oldest in Finland, having been established in the 14th century. It is about 30 miles from Helsinki.  We were taken for a short walking tour and then had some time on our own.

The town is on a river and has some very picturesque buildings.

There is a main shopping street.

On our walk up to a church we encountered this statue of Finnish composer Gabriel Linsen.

The homes were well kept.  This is typical.

The belfry of the church was in a separate building.

I don't know the reason for this ship model in the church.

More scenes around Porvoo.

After looking around town we took about 1/2 hour boat ride to the location where we would have lunch.  On the boat ride we encountered this old ship which makes a daily run from Helsinki to Porvoo.

Fishing from a Kayak on the river.

Homes along the river are very popular.

After we disembarked our boat returned to Porvoo and

we walked up hill to the restaurant in this building.  The grounds were beautiful.

On our return to Helsinki we visited the Rock Church.  A pit was carved out of solid rock and then rock was used to build up the walls.  Finally glass and a roof were built.

Our final stop was at the White Church. 

It had a tram line out front.

We walked down to a market instead of visiting the church and encountered an older model tram.

All kinds of food was sold in the market

including salmon steaks.

This church was on a hill near the market.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.  The next post will cover part or all of our visit to St. Petersburg in Russia.

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