Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baltic Cruise - Copenhagen

Hi, Our final port of call was Copenhagen, Denmark. Again we booked a shore excursion from the ship. Our first stop was the Rosenborg Castle, one of at least 3 royal castles in Copenhagen.

Taking photographs inside the castle required a permit for which there was a small fee. Here is a fireplace mantle.

 The throne was flanked by statues of lions.

 I am not sure what this item is but it intrigued me.  I stood to the left of and behind the throne.  It can be seen in the photo above behind the lion and just to the left of the steps leading up to the throne.

Our visit to the castle included viewing of the royal jewels of which these his and her crowns are a part.

The rear of the castle faces a park.

From the castle we went to Tivoli Gardens.  This was a "must see" for us.  It actually is a small amusement park in a garden setting in the middle of Copenhagen. Here are some views from the park.

The waterfront area proved very photogenic. I took this photo through the bus window as we passed by.

Before our ship departed Copenhagen I took this photo of the royal yacht from one of the upper decks.

This brings our trip to a close. I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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