Thursday, February 21, 2013

Railfanning 2-18-2013

Hi, Friend Doug Koontz finally found a bright, sunny day for some railfanning so we headed up to the former PRR Middle Division for some NS action.  After checking out Enola Yard and finding nothing of interest we headed west.  At CP Banks, just east of Perdix, PA we came across a Loram rail grinder.  We were able to grab a photo as it backed up through Marysville

and then out on Rocville Bridge.  It used the bridge as the tail track of a wye so the consist could be turned with the locomotive facing east.

We were able to get to the west end of Enola Yard to catch the grinder one last time.

After the rail grinder cleared #12R arrived from Linwood, NC.

Simultaneously, a yard switcher with a high short hood locomotive was working and a road local was doubling its train (in the middle).  #12 R is on the right.

Road local HH01 continued its double as #12R entered the yard.

We started west again from Enola but had only gone a few miles when we encountered first a slow moving coal train, which we let go, and then roadrailer, #262.  We got turned around and were able to get a shot.  We headed for Marysville where we almost beat the coal train.  After waiting about 20 minutes for the roadrailer we again drove west.  It was a good thing as the roadrailer was still sitting at CP Banks when we passed by.

Our destination was Mifflin, PA.  While there we photographed an auto rack train,



a westbound auto rack train,

Amtrak's Pennsylvanian, and

and an eastbound double stack train.

Our final train of the day was at Mexico, PA with the Wabash Heritage Unit trailing in second position.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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