Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand - 2

Hi, This is the second and last group of images I will be posting from our brief visit to Bangkok, Thailand.

We continued our activities with me taking a long tail boat to a floating market.  Ruthe took the photos of the young boy watching the world go by and

a boat similar to the one in which I road from the dock.  She then went on to the market by bus.  The boats are called long tail because an engine mounted in the rear of the boat is connected to the propeller in the water by a shaft that is 6 to 8 feet long.

We met a few boats during our 30 minute ride.  Using a point and shoot this photo was challenging.  Only one image, this one, worked and it required some cropping.

The canals we traveled had structures as we neared the town where the floating market was located.

This is an overview of the market.  It extended an equal distance in the opposite direction, looking into the sun.

Vendors sold cooked and uncooked food, as well as

a variety of other items.  Many vendors had stalls on land.

Want your photo taken with a Python?  No problem.  It can probably even be draped around your neck.

Our final activity in Thailand was a cultural show consisting of traditional music (above and below),

a parade of performers,

dancing (above and below),

and demonstrations of martial arts and

a wedding ceremony.

After the cultural show we were taken outside for a brief look at the use of elephants to do the heavy lifting.  This elephant is about to push the log into the water.

I'll close with another look out our hotel window, this time at night.

Thanks for looking.

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