Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Irrawaddy River, Burma - 6

Hi, We began our day with a visit to shop that manufactured and sold lacquer ware.

When we arrived the owner explained the processes used to produce these beautiful pieces.

After the initial shape is formed from woven bamboo it is covered with a number of layers of a lacquer made from tree sap.  Each layer is allowed to harden and is then polished before the next layer is applied.

The final base layer, brown in this case, is then decorated by hand.  After decoration is completed protective layers of clear lacquer are applied and polished.  Having seen the items made Ruthe and I purchased a tissue box holder.

Our next destination was the Ananda Phaya temple (above and below).  While Ruthe went inside I took these exterior views.

As per usual there were a number of Buddhas including

four standing, one of which is shown above.

While outside I photographed some older temples I had seen from the bus on our arrival.

Our next stop was another temple, this one atop a hill over looking the Irrawaddy River.  We stopped on the way up for some pictures.  Note the temples across the river.

The temple at the top of the hill was pretty typical, however,

a steep flight of stairs led from the street where we exited the bus to the temple area.

I don't know the significance of this wheel but it was the only time I saw one during our trip.

All temples have gongs.  I think they are struck by people who have had a good thing happen in their lives.  However, this was the only time I saw one hung between two human statues.

Another decoration in the temple.  Thanks for looking.

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