Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Railfanning in Baltimore - 1/16/2015

Hi, I spent last Friday exploring the Baltimore area with friend Dale Jacobson. This provided an opportunity to see some new things and shoot some, for me, new locations. We met at St. Denis and proceeded to check out the line heading toward Baltimore.

At Lansdowne we came upon an auto rack train parked on a siding with one of the newly rebuilt SD40-3s on the point.  I was pleased to be able to photograph this locomotive on the point as it is the first one I have seen.

Just as I was finishing up shooting the auto rack train I heard Dale calling to me.  I turned around to see Q373 approaching on the near track so I quickly climbed over the guard rail.

We then headed for West Baltimore where we found a parked garbage train, Q702, with a former Conrail SD60I leading.

Dale suggested we check out Locust Point Yard.  While doing so we spotted a pair of end cab switchers working.

After photographing from an overpass we drove down to the grade crossing where they were working for the photo above.

Next we explored the Canton area.  At the Boston Avenue grade crossing we photographed NS local HB02.  The engine is remote controlled so there is only one crewman on board.

On the other side of the Consol Coal Company ship loading terminal we encountered a Canton RR job switching.  The new paint scheme on the side of the geep was a surprise.

We found another Canton RR job returning from the Orangeville area.

There are a series of short tunnels (really street overpasses) on the north side of Baltimore.  I had photographed the one at the West/South end of the tunnels once before in cloudy weather and hoped to get a sunny shot.  Unfortunately the sun came out just after the power of Q033 had passed (above and below).

Our final photo was of Q045, an empty oil train, at St. Denis.  Thanks for looking.