Monday, June 22, 2015

Streetcars in Boston - 6-17-2015

Hi, Friend Dale Diacont and I had a very enjoyable day riding and photographing streetcars in Boston. We each bought a day pass and used the streetcars to go from photo location to photo location.

Our principal objective was the Mattapan High Speed line so we met at Mattapan station to begin our day.  Our interest was due to this being one of the few places where PCC cars are used daily in regular service.  All of the orange cars were photographed on the Mattapan High Speed line which runs to Ashmont with 6 intermediate stops.  A connection with the Red Line subway is made at Ashmont.

When we arrived at Ashmont we transferred to the Red Line which we took to Park Street where we got on the Green Line to Lechmere, the east end of the Green Line.

After lunch in Lechmere we took some photos at the station and

boarded a car for one stop to Science Park.

On leaving Science Park the Green Line dives underground through downtown Boston rising to the surface on the west side of town.  The photo above and all of those below were taken on the Green Line route to Boston College and all cars are headed west.

The station above is Boston University Central.

Thanks for looking.

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