Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Japan - 6

Hi, Our next to last port on the cruise to Hokaido was Hakodate.  This was another important city and port to be opened up to foreign trade in the 1850s. 

In the morning we visited the Jomon Cultural Center.  The Jomon were hunter-gathers that existed  in prehistoric Japan from about 12,000 BC, and in some cases cited as early as 14,500 BC, to about 300 BC.

The museum contained a number of artifacts (above and below).

Outside the museum building were recreations of their dwellings.

This structure was left without thatch to show how the frame was constructed.

I thought the roof thatch made an interesting pattern.

After lunch on the ship we visited Goryokaku Fort; headquarters of the short lived Ezo Republic which was formed during the war that led to the downfall of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the restoration of the Emperor.  The final battles of the war were fought around this fort.

The tower is in the middle of the fort.

There were some great views of the fort, its buildings and the surrounding city (above and two below).

The elevators had uniformed attendants.

This picture, taken by Ruthe from the bus, shows one of the nicest homes we saw.

The Japanese love ice cream (above and below).

Here are a pair of decorated man hole covers (above and below).

Its not just instruction manuals accompanying Japanese products that have interesting language.

Our last stop was at the former British Consulate and residence.  Here are two views of the garden (above and below) and

one of the rooms in the residence.

On the way back to our bus we walked past these statues (above and below).

Thanks for looking.

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