Saturday, May 14, 2016

Trains in Italy - 1

Hi, On May 6th my wife, Ruthe, and I returned from a three week trip to Europe; spending most of our time in Italy.  During the trip I had a couple of opportunities to photograph trains.  The first instance was in Ravenna and some of those photos are presented here.  As I don't speak Italian I could not understand the announcements and therefore know nothing about the trains origins or destinations.

I walked up the station platform to one end when I arrived as I could see a short work train on one of the stub tracks.  On the other a hi-rail back hoe was loading ballast.

Shortly after I got to the end of the platform things started to happen.  First, this grungy looking unit came down from the yard (to my left) and coupled to a train out of sight to my right.

Next a train pulled in with an electric on the point.

It stopped to load on the near track.  On the left is a train that sat for the entire roughly 1/2 hour I was there.

About 2 minutes after the first train arrived a train in the opposite direction, this one being operated in push mode, came into the station (above and below).

Here is a roster view of the switcher on the work train.

The second train to arrive departed first.

I then turned around to catch the second train leaving.  Thanks for looking. 

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