Monday, May 22, 2017

Railfanning on 5/15/2017 - The Delmarva Peninsula

Hi, Friend Dale Jacobson and I headed for the Delmarva Peninsula last Monday in the hopes of finding some action on the new Delmarva Central. Unfortunately we got a late start and by the time we got to various locations the action was over.

Our first stop was Harrington, DE. While the train to Clayton usually does not run on Monday we hoped this day would be an exception. It was not to be so we took some roster shots (above and below) and left.

We headed for Seaford, DE where we had learned the Seaford Local was working. On the way we encountered a unit grain train with NS power at a feed mill. This was the first unit with an Crescent Cab I have seen.

Upon arrival in Seaford, DE we encountered one of the local's crew. They had finished their work for the day and were to be taxied up to the grain train to take it north. More roster shots (above and below).

Next it was on to Delmar where we hoped to find the Delmar local working. The units were working in their small yard in Delmar, MD. Almost immediately they pulled and pushed some cars up toward the MD/DE line (route 54). About three blocks from the state line they cut off from the cars they were pulling and pushed the remaining car into Maryland. Then they quit for 2 hours until they could service the grain elevator north north of town.

Here are two views of the locomotives and the car sitting just north of the state line.

Unwilling to just hang around we decided to check out the Maryland & Delaware but they had quit for the day by the time we got Federalsburg, MD.

Below is a summary of Delmarva Central information Dale and I were able to glean from the people we talked to:

Train                                    Call Time                      Operating Limits

HA-1                                     8:00 AM                       Harrington to Clayton and return.

HA-2                                     7:00 PM                       Harrington to Delmar and return.

HA-3                                     6:00 PM                       Harrington to Indian River and return.

Delmar Day Local                7:00 AM                      Works at least south to Salisbury and
                                                                                   north to Laurel.

Delmar Night Job                 7:00 PM                       Runs as far south as Pocomoke City and
                                                                                   return; does other work as needed.

Seaford Local                       7:00 AM                       Seaford and north.

Dover Local                          2:00 PM                       Dover area.

Thanks for looking.

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