Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Southern Africa - 2

Hi, I'll pick up this report as our cruise on the Chobe River continued. We encountered a herd of elephants bathing.

Later there was a large pod of Hippos. Most were at least partially submerged, however, this animal was out of the water.

Further along another large Croc basked in the sun and

a Kudu came down to the shore to get a drink.

After 3 nights in Chobe we moved to our next destination, a wilderness camp in the Caprivi Strip of Namibia. Because the rainy season had just ended the area was still flooded and the only access to our camp was by boat. However, along the river we frequently encountered animals such as this elephant drinking,

this bull elephant somewhat upset with us intruders, and

this baboon, part of a troop sitting and playing in some trees.

Also, we observed some of the best sunsets of the trip here.

Our next destination was the Okavango Delta. The Starlings were beautiful birds, unlike the ones we see here at home.

Our first of many opportunities to photograph Giraffes and Zebras with good light finally occurred here.

However, the highlight of our visit to the Delta was an opportunity to photograph a male (with the collar) and female Leopard. The other truck from our group encountered them first and it required a high speed run(20 to 30 mph) on dirt tracks to reach them but we got there in time.

While photographing the Leopards this Eagle passed overhead.

Shortly thereafter a group of male and female Ostriches appeared with the males, one of which is shown here, displaying for the females.

Later in our stay we encountered a group of Tsessebes, 2 of which are shown below. They are very rare and this was the only time we saw them.

We were surprised by the lack of Vultures up until now. However, we saw dozens of them at a kill here. We never did find the kill but something sure smelled. We scared this Vulture off but it didn't go far and is perched nearby on small termite mound.

I hope you are enjoying the photos. There will be one more installment in a day or 2. Bob

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