Thursday, June 4, 2009

Southern Africa - 3

Hi, This is the last installment of photos from Africa and will be devoted entirely to our last wilderness camp, in Hawange NP, Zimbabwe. Our transportation from Victoria Fall was a 5 passenger plane, an experience in itself. After we settled in we went out on our evening game drive. The other truck radioed that they had found 2 female lions, so there ensued another hair raising race, this time to get there before dark. While en route we learned that a Rhino also was in the immediate vicinity of the lions. The next 3 photos are of the White Rhino and the 2 lions.

The next day we went looking for lions again. We headed for a broad savanna where we hoped to find a kill with lions. Our first encounter was with a pair of Black Back Jackals.

Eventually we found a male and female in some nearby woods.

Hwange NP was unique as it has a number of these wide open savanna areas. Here Zebras are passing a dead tree probably killed by Elephants rubbing against it. We saw lots of dead trees during our travels in Africa. Elephants also uproot trees so they can ge to more leaves to browse.

Another colorful bird we encountered all over southern Africa was the Lilac Breasted Roller.

Hwange also was the location where we encountered large numbers of Wildebeest.

On our game drive the second evening we encountered a herd of female Elephants with this Bull in attendance. He was not happy with us and demonstrated this by picking up dirt with his trunk and spraying it on himself. Also, there was lots of snorting, trunk waving and ear flapping.

Later that evening we photographed this Red Hartebeest, the only one, we were told, in this section of the park.

Hwange also was a good place to photograph Giraffes.

On our final evening game drive of the trip we were taken to a new savanna area, again looking for lions. While there were no lions there were about 150 to 200 Cape Buffalo in 3 herds coming in to a water hole. This old bull was enjoying a roll in the dirt to remove insects before drinking.

On our final drive of the trip we found a pair of Grey Crowned Cranes. After awhile they tired of us and took flight.

Later I was able to photograph this Red Hornbill and

a group of Zebras.

This concludes the photography from southern Africa. As I said at the outset, it was a great trip! I hope the photos were enjoyable. Bob


Boston Wedding Photographers said...

Wow! Can't wait to see the whole set. Definitely looks like an amazing trip. My faves are the elephants and the sunsets. Glad you are home safe and sound. Jo

Marjorie said...

Bob & Ruthe

The photographs are absolutely GORGEOUS. We are delighted that you captured such stunning pictures of our safari (as you know - especially since my still camera "died" at the early part of our trip.

Thank you for sharing these!

Joe & Mimi Krupp

Jim Kleeman said...

Wonderful pictures, Bob. Visiting Africa certainly was the trip of a lifetime for us.