Monday, February 15, 2010

Railfan trip to Nevada and Utah, 2/10 - 1

Hi, Friend Dale Diacont and I embarked on a trip to Utah and Nevada on February 3, 2010. Our flight was scheduled to leave Dulles Airport at the ungodly hour of 7:00 AM and arrived in Salt Lake City about 10:00 AM. By 11:00 AM we had picked up our car and headed out to see what we could find.

Our first stop was at the Salt Lake Garfield and Western RR, whose HQ is just east of the airport. Just after we arrived a UP transfer showed up to drop off and pick up some cars. It had a remote controlled GP38 for power. However, the railroad had finished its work for the day so after getting a few shots of the UP man we left, had lunch and headed west.

A horrible noise with the car showed up as soon as we exceeded 55 MPH on I-80 so, after exchanging vehicles, we headed west again. We encountered a local working a salt plant at Rowley Jcn. This plant recovers salts from the Great Salt Lake and refines the raw salt into salable products.

We spent the night in West Wendover, NV where we found a room in a Casino Hotel for $31.50. Amazing! The next morning we headed for Silver Zone Pass, about 25 miles west of West Wendover. At the top of the pass we spotted an eastbound BNSF trackage rights train which we shot off I-80,

at the Pilot exit,

and in West Wendover.

Expecting more traffic on the former SP Overland Route than on the former WP we headed there and set up at Montello, NV. Shortly an eastbound came downgrade.

The next 2 trains, also both eastbound, did not appear until late afternoon. After photographing them we headed for Ely, NV, where we would spend the next 4 nights. That will be covered in my next post.

We learned the next day that there were 7 or 8 trains on the former WP that day. Cest La Vie. Bob

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