Monday, February 15, 2010

Railfan trip to Nevada and Utah, 2/10 - 2

Hi, Having spent 2 days getting to Ely, NV we were ready for the main event of our trip, railfan weekend on the Nevada Northern. The photos below cover 2 1/2 days. Activities began on Friday about 1:00 PM using former Kennecott Copper Company RS-3 #109. This locomotive served Kennecott at this location. After some shots around the yard the train moved out onto the line to Shafter, NV. The facilities in Ely seem to be frozen in time.

Bill Holht is a volunteer brakeman and dresses for his role.

We then moved to one location on the line south of Ely that goes to the copper mine at Ruth.

That evening there was a night photo session.

The next morning 2-8-0 #93, built in 1909, and 4-6-0 #40, built in 1910, posed for shots in the yard.

Then #93 backed up the line to Shafter for a morning of photos.

Before we arrived for the weekend a hopper car had derailed in the yard (Really! An accident!) and the coal fired steam crane was brought out to rerail it.

Then #40 took a passenger train south after taking on a load of Railway Express.

On the way out of town we got a view of #93 switching freight cars.

After a few more shots around the depot with # 40 we called it a day.

Sunday dawned foggy so the first couple of hours were spent around the yard.

Then #40 backed a short freight south toward Ruth, NV for the morning's photography.

The RS-3 awaited us on our return.

In the afternoon a wreck train operated on the line south toward Ruth. Dale and I elected to chase this train instead of riding it. This proved to be a good decision as only one photo location, at Keystone, was used for the riders.

This ended the photo weekend. The next morning Dale and I headed for Soldier Summit, UT and contemporary railroading. Hope you enjoyed the photos. Bob

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