Monday, March 29, 2010

Railfanning 3-27-10

Hi, Friends Stan Short and Jack Bruce, and I had a very enjoyable day on CSX's former RF&P on Saturday. We met at Elmont, VA but the light did not favor southbound trains so we headed to Glen Allen, VA. Jack's wife had spotted some Dogwood trees in bloom. In short order we photographed Q439 and Amtrak #67.

We then headed back to Elmont to see if the light had come around and it had to a degree. However, first up was northbound Amtrak #194.

Right on the Amtraker's heals was a northbound empty coal train shot splitting the signals at Elmont.

We next caught Amtrak #89, our first southbound here. This interlocking is only a few years old. When CSX installed it they built a berm up on either side of the track which make a nice spot to shoot from.

We then headed to Ashland, VA to see if any of the trees up there were in bloom. While a couple of Tulip Magnolias had been bitten by the previous night's frost the Bradford Pear trees were magnificent. First up was Q741. This train brings empty orange juice reefers back to Bradenton, FL. It almost always carries a block of intermodal on the head end. It is shown here passing the station, which now serves has the town's welcome center.

About 10 minutes later Amtrak #79 rolled through town past the station,

and then through the commercial area.

After a lull of a couple of hours things picked up again as T104 made an appearance, again passing the station,

and then through the commercial area.

As T104 cleared Amtrak #80 put in an appearance. By mid afternoon shadows become a problem if you move away from the downtown area, so we decided to head back to Elmont.

First up at Elmont was Q173 running left handed on main track 2.

About 10 minutes later, Q740, the northbound orange juice train, showed up.

CSX still had one more arrow in its quiver, Q703, a trash train.

We ended our day at Doswell, VA. The Buckingham Branch, which leases the former C&O Piedmont Division from CSX, had 3 locomotives sitting dead in the small interchange yard.

Our first train here was Amtrak #53, the Auto Train,

and #90.

Then CSX ran a coal empty on the Buckingham Branch.

The day ended with Amtrak #66. The locomotive is the same one that went south on #67.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Bob

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