Friday, March 19, 2010

Ships in New York City

Hi, The area along the Hudson River from 42nd Street in New York City up to about 53rd Street was the area where ocean liners arrived and departed. One could visit the ships before they left and then watch them sale from the end of their piers. Also, navy ships sometimes docked here and were open for inspection. Here are some of the ships photographed in the late 50s and early 60s.

Italian Lines SS Saturnia. 4-57

SS New York. 6-59

Cunard Lines RMS Mauretania docking. This was the 3rd largest ship in Cunard's fleet at this time. 4-57

A Moran tug pushes the RMS Queen Elizabeth out of her berth into the Hudson River. 6-59

RMS Queen Elizabeth. 6-59

French Light Carrier Boise Belleau. Ship was laid down as a light cruiser but finished as a light carrier. She joined the US Fleet in March 1942 as the Belleau Wood. In 1953 she was transferred to the French Navy. 6-59

French Cruiser. 6-59

French Destroyers. 6-59

USS Leyte. 4-57

Hope you enjoyed the photos.

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