Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cambodia - 1

Hi, After our visit to Viet Nam ended Ruthe and I continued on with most of our group to Sien Reap in Cambodia. Our main objective was the temple ruins at Angkor Wat. Because of the number of images I would like to share I will break them up into 2 posts.

After we arrived in Sien Reap and settled into our hotel we took a walking tour of the neighborhood to get oriented. It had just rained and an employee at a nearby hotel was sweeping water into a drain.

A little girl was out in front of her family's shop with her bicycle.

Tuk Tuk drivers had taken their side curtains down.

We boarded our bus after the walk and went to visit a memorial to those who died under the Khmer Rouge. A Buddhist temple also was on the grounds.

Some monks were out and they were gracious in allowing photography.

Outside their living quarters I found some laundry hanging.

Next we visited a local village.

Here is a store in the local village.

Our final activity was a buffet dinner followed by a show of traditional Khmer dances.

The next day was temple day. Our first destination was Angkor Wat. It was built as a Hindu temple and capital in the 12th century and was gradually converted to Buddhism in the 13th century.

The site is in excellent condition and receives continuous attention. As a result the carvings in the walls are in excellent condition.

Here too we found monks.

The jungle is very dense and comes up very close to the site.

This view looks east toward the main gate.

Inside the temple are a number of shrines where people stop to pray.

The second temple we visited was Ta Prohm. This site has been overtaken by the jungle and while the small brush has been cleared, the large trees have been left in place.

A large spider had built its web and attracted a great deal of attention.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. The next post, also on Cambodia, will be the last.

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