Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Railfanning 4-14-11

Hi, Last Thursday was a gorgeous day so friend Rudy Volin and I decided to try our luck on Norfolk Southern's B-Line between Riverton Junction in Front Royal, VA and Manassas, VA. However, as you will see, the best laid plans...

We arrived at Riverton Junction, in Front Royal, VA, about 9:00 AM, just missing northbound V86. For about an hour and a half the only talking on the radio was the V89 crew switching the Virginia Inland Port a few miles north of us on the line to Hagerstown, MD. Then, about 10:30 we heard that 227, a Norfolk, VA to Detroit, MI stack train should be at the Junction about 11:15 AM. It finally showed up at 11:30.

Just over 20 minutes later 211 crossed the Shenandoah River and headed east.

We decided to give chase. However, on the way we heard that V89 was in the area and 37Q was not far behind. Both would be heading south. So we took a shot at Belle Meade (just beat the train) and headed back to Riverton Junction.

Once again we missed V89. However, a work train headed south shortly after we returned to our spot.

37 Q was almost an hour behind the work train.

We quickly headed south. Little did we know there was no reason to hurry until we heard on the radio that 37Q would meet 16T and 202 in Front Royal. We found a grade crossing in Limeton, VA for our next shot. We chased the train south but it beat us to our next spot so we gave up and headed north.

I suggested we explore a side rode in Rileyville, VA and while we were there we heard 44T so we waited. The power was a real surprise.

After getting the shot in Rileyville we again headed south having learned that 44T would meet 38Q at Vaughn, VA. Unfortunately it was a perfect meet and it seemed like 38Q would not have to stop for the meet, so back north we went looking for another shot. However, as we headed north we heard a detector trip stopping what turned out to be 38Q. The conductor found a broken brake rod and the train took a 1 hour delay including the time to tie up the rod. We settled for a shot across the road at Overall, VA as the old highway bridge between the current road and the trestle was under reconstruction.

NOTE, there is a major construction project at Compton Creek Viaduct. The entire hillside and valley east of the viaduct and north of the access road to the canoeing company has been cleared. Rudy and speculate they will build a high bridge across the valley at this point but neither of us is sure what is going on.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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