Sunday, May 1, 2011

Railfanning 4-29-11

Hi, Friend Dale Jacobson and I headed up to Hagerstown, MD on Friday as the weather forecast called for partly cloudy. Unfortunately the forecast was wrong. So we decided not to bother with the Winchester and Western and instead see what else we could find. As it looked like the clouds were rapidly moving east (it was beautiful when we left Rockville) it seemed best to just stay along NS north of Hagerstown.

Our first stop was Marion, PA. However, Dale has a real interest in exploring and a knack for it too. There was a signal about a mile south and Dale wanted to see if we could find it. So we headed south to see where the road next to the track would take us. It took us to Kauffman, PA and from there another road we found ran along the east side of the track to this open area, and the signal hidden behind train #228.

After hanging around for awhile we returned to Marion where we heard #37Q on the radio so we waited to get this photo.

Next we headed further north to Chambersburg. There we found Chambersburg Cold Storage #8411, a former B&O SW1 Dale tells me.

Then we headed back to the NS line where we had seen local #H34. From the crew we learned they had outlawed here the day before. We got a couple of angles on the sitting train before #227 showed up.

After #227 cleared the dispatcher gave #H34 permission to come on to the main and head north. However, he would only get to the first siding north of our encounter where he would head in behind a very short #227 (note #228 also was very short) to meet #203.

By the way, does anyone know the purpose of this car?

Number H34 had a GP40 and a GP38 on the other end.

After photographing #H34 we returned to Marion for #203.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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