Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Railfanning 5-12 & 13 -11

Hi, Friend Dale Diacont spent a day and a half railfanning last week in the DC area. We began Thursday afternoon at Point of Rocks, MD on CSX's Metropolitan Sub about 2:30 PM. Shortly after our arrival Q217 came off the Old Main Line Sub and headed west.

After Q217 passed we relocated back to the station. Just east of the station a CSX Track Test car was parked.

Next up was empty coal hoppers on train E726, again coming off the Old Main Line Sub.

Almost an hour later E721 passed the station, again westbound off the Old Main Line Sub.

Just after E721 cleared loaded coal train U825 went east on the Old Main Line Sub with an SD70MAC and an SD70Ace pushing.

Before the commuter rush began B211 returned to Brunswick with containers of incinerator ash from the Dickerson recycling plant. I believe the ash is going to a landfill in Ohio.

The first MARC train of the day was #871.

Shortly after #891 took the east leg of the wye toward Frederick, MD.

A GP39 was trailing.

We then moved to Brunswick where a number of eastbound coal trains were staged. This one is sitting on one of the normally westbound tracks.

Interspersed with the westbound commuter trains was Q249,

followed closely by #875.

After the passengers detrained from #875 it backed into the coach yard.

Our last train was #879.

The next day we were joined by friend Dale Jacobson. Our first stop was at Harmans, MD. On a sunny day this would be an afternoon shot. Both trains are headed for Baltimore.

After a couple of trains at Harmans we headed to Annapolis Junction. As we arrived we heard Q702 approaching.

Q702 was closely followed by Q226. After these 2 trains cleared Q249 departed Jessup Yard (below).

After lunch we explored around Penn Mary Yard and the Sparrows Point steel mill. However, nothing was happening so we returned to Harmans. This Amtrak regional will arrive in Washington in about 1/2 hour.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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