Saturday, April 14, 2012

Railfanning 4-13-2012

Hi, Friend Rudy Volin and I decided to head up to Sandpatch on Friday.  The weather forecast was for sun and we wanted to shoot off the WM Railroad Trail's Keystone Viaduct before CSX increases clearances there for its National Gateway Project.  In addition, I had a secondary objective; to get a photograph in a location just down grade from Foley (now FO) that I had shot many years ago.

As we approached Corriganville, MD we encountered an eastbound coal train so we doubled back into Cumberland to a location I had seen a few minutes earlier.  The time was 9:26 AM.

After getting the shot we headed west again.  We encountered the eastbound Capital Limited and an eastbound manifest but could not get into position to photograph either.  We arrived at the location just downgrade from Foley and after a short wait Q362 came along at 10:46 AM.  We would not see another train for more than 4 1/2 hours.  We did, however, hear numerous track authorities being granted and given up while we waited and with each one we tried to figure out when we might see our next train.

We followed the tracks up grade and stopped at Sandpatch to see if there might be a work train there.  We found a couple of 4 axle locomotives sitting dead.

As it was getting close to the time we thought trains might begin to run we headed for Keystone Viaduct.  However, the first train did not show up until 3:17 PM.  At that point it was like the dam burst.  First up was Q261.

Next was Q276

with a two unit helper.

Our third train was Q359.

Finally Q138 struggled up grade.  We could hear Q216 calling signals a couple of blocks away and another train behind that but we had what we wanted so we decided to leave.  It was about 4:30 PM.

We used paved roads to get to Corriganville and then headed back toward Hyndman, PA.  However, we heard Q138 call a signal so we set up for an across the field shot just north of Ellerslie, MD.

We continued north to Hyndman and missed Q216 but managed to catch Q217 heading west.

We accomplished everything we set out to do and had a great day doing it.  I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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