Saturday, April 7, 2012

Southwest Trip - 2

Hi, After spending the night at San Bernardino, our second day of the trip, 3/22, also was devoted to Cajon Pass.  Our first train was an eastbound UP headed for the former Los Angeles and Salt Lake route.  We caught it at the west end of the Cajon Siding interlocking.

Another UP train headed for the same route was about 20 minutes behind.

We then moved to Sullivan's curve where we waited almost 2 hours for the next train.  UP ran some light engines about 20 minutes prior to this train.  There were a number of westbound trains on the south track but we were not in position to photograph them.  Note, the 2 north tracks are the longer but lower grade route than the south track where the  ruling grade is about 3 percent.

We had noted an operating searchlight signal where CA route 138 crosses the south track so we set up there to shoot the next westbound.  This is one of a very few searchlight signals left on BNSF in Cajon Pass and, as the picture show, it won't be around for long.

We then moved on to Summit.  First up was an eastbound which I shot from a point a little way down the hill.

This train was followed shortly by a UP westbound that had come off the former LA & SL.

Another eastbound BNSF train provided the opportunity to move even further down the hill.  The westbound signals for the Silverwood interlocking can be seen in the top right side of the photo.  UP trains have the option at this point of continuing on BNSF into San Bernardino or taking the new connection, built in 1999, to the Palmdale Cutoff.

Before we left Summit a westbound BNSF train showed up.  The grade crossing is gated and there is a security guard shack.  However, shooting is still possible from this location.

Our next stop was Frost, located between the east side of Hesperia and the west end of the Upper Narrows in Victorville, CA.  At this point westbound trains cross over the eastbound track to access the South track.  If the dispatcher decides to run a westbound down one of the North Tracks there are interlockings at Lugo and Summit for him to change things.

Lugo also has operating Searchlight signals at this time.  Here a UP train heads west.

This train off the former LS & SL is connecting to the Palmdale Cutoff.  The train will have easier access to UP's former SP West Colton Yard.  It also reduces trackage rights mileage and charges for UP.
An eastbound BNSF stack train is climbing through Silverwood.

Another UP train will take the connection to the Palmdale Cutoff.

Our final location for the day was the east end of Cajon Siding.  Here a UP train with a pair of DPUs heads for Los Angeles.

Our last train was an eastbound BNSF stacker climbing the hill.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.  In the next installment we will follow the Sunset route to Yuma, AZ.

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