Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Southwest Trip - 11

Hi, This was a very special day for Dale and me.  Our group was joined by Dave Busse of Los Angeles.  Dale and I met Dave when we were at the Nevada Northern weekend in February, 2010 and really enjoyed his company.  One of our objectives for this trip was to get together with Dave.

We decided to spend the day on Cajon Pass and met Dave at the east end of Cajon Siding where we photographed the two eastbound trains shown below.  The photo of the UP train is unusual as the train is headed up the steeper but shorter south track which sees mostly west bound trains.

Shortly after a UP stack train came west on one of the north tracks.

Dave then directed us to a spot along Swarthout Canyon Road.  An eastbound stack train came around the curve as we hustled to get into position.

Two westbound trains followed shortly.

Next Dave took us to Milepost 582.  Local railfans had set up a hill here as a railfan viewing point and had planted trees.  Also, there was some memorabilia and plaques were dedicated to some of the local fans that had passed away.  The train in the two photos below is eastbound on a north track.

The hill also is an excellent vantage point for photographing westbound trains on the north tracks,

the Palmdale Cutoff, and

the south track.

Here a UP train headed for Salt Lake City climbs a north track.

After lunch we headed for the Upper  Narrows on the east side of Victorville.  We caught two eastbound trains here.

We then moved about 1/4 mile west and photographed a westbound,

an eastbound,

and another westbound train before calling it a day.

Dave joined us for dinner at an excellent Mexican restaurant in San Bernadino.  I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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