Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Southwest Trip - 12

Hi, We decided to spend the first half of our last day back at Cajon Pass.  Our first train was an eastbound at the west end of Cajon Siding from Cajon Blvd. which is Old US 66.

Beating the train to Summit was easy.  The train was still moving slow enough to obtain photos at a few different focal lengths.

For the rest of the morning we moved about a mile west of Summit to a hillside just below Silverwood.  This westbound stack train

had a single DPU.

We shot a number of trains from this location, including this Salt Lake City bound manifest on a north track,

this westbound Z train, on the south track, and

this east bound stack train on a north track

with DPUs.

After lunch we relocated to the Port of San Pedro to ride and photograph a historic trolley operation.  There are 3 cars; one original and two replicas.  Only one car operates at a time and this is one of the replicas.  Fare is $1 for a 3 mile round trip.

It was a great trip and I hope you have enjoyed the photos.

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