Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Railfan Trip 2-25 to 3-1-2013, II

Hi, Our first stop of the day was the RJ Corman office in Clearfield, PA with the intent of locating one or more trains we could photograph.  We learned that nothing would move until about 2:30 PM but that there was a train at the Rosebud Mine in Bigler, PA.  So after getting a couple of shots around the yard, with permission, we headed to Bigler.

We drove up into the plant and asked a couple of workmen if it would be ok to take a few photos.  They said yes so we did.  It turned out that it was not ok and a plant manager came along and asked us to leave.

We then drove west to DuBois, PA where the Buffalo and Pittsburgh maintains a yard.  However, the only activity was a yard job switching in an inaccessible location.  Having information that the northbound and southbound road trains traded crews at Johnsonburg we followed the line as best we could north.  At Johnsonburg all we found was this MP15 switching.

However, shortly we started to hear first one new train, and then another.  We eventually learned that the northbound, pictured below was switching near a sewage treatment plant south of town.  Eventually, it came north and entered the yard.

We now had to make a choice as we heard the southbound road train, which was in the yard, receive clearance from the dispatcher to head for Riker Yard.  Should we follow the southbound with a matched set of 3 SD-45s?  If we did, would we be able to get a photo or 2 and then get into position to chase the northbound with a single SD-45 which was leading?  We knew there was snow on the ground a few miles north of Johnsonburg.  Three SD-45s but heading in the wrong direction with the possibility the northbound still had switching to do in the yard or one SD-45 in the snow in the direction we wanted to go, guaranteed?  We chose the northbound and it was a good decision as the northbound had done all of its switching at the south end of town and left as soon as the crew change was completed.  It is shown below at Ketner Road,

Rasselas, PA, and

Mount Jewett, PA. 

This was the end of our day as darkness arrived quickly.  Thanks for looking.

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