Friday, March 8, 2013

Railfanning 2-25 to 3-1-2013, IV

Hi, Thursday was our Western New York & Pennsylvania day.  Alcos in the snow.  What could be better.

Because we believed that the train to Falconer, the "Slingshot," was called for 9:00 AM and would probably have some switching to do prior to departure (based on info we got the day before) we elected to see if B&Ps SIRI was sitting at Salamanca.  It was and it had the same power as the day before.  We could only conclude that the previous day's RISI was either very late or did not run resulting in that day's SIRI power turning back north at Johnsonburg.

We took some more photos and headed over to Allegany, NY to check on the WNY&P.

At Allegany we learned that the OL-2 job was returning from Cuba, NY so we headed east to intercept it, which we did on the east side of town at a bridge across the Allegheny River.  This is the same river that joins with the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh to form the Ohio.  Unfortunately, I did not realized that my camera was set to manual focus so the photo is a little soft.  I did try to sharpen it in photo shop.  Also, we learned that the "Slingshot" was now called for 10:00 AM.

After the OL-2 crew arrived at the WNY&P yard in Allegany, NY the locomotive on the east end, a C424, was cut off and the crew did some switching with the C430 on the west end.  This is a former New York Central Unit, one of 10 built for the New York Central, which had the largest fleet.  Over all 16 were constructed.

Another C430 was sitting outside the engine house.

The "Slingshot" (train OL-3), with the C430 leading and the C424 trailing, actually departed at 11:50 AM.  The photo is from the highway overpass just west of the yard.

A few blocks west of the yard the train came to a stop for a compliance test.  Note the sign across the tracks just to the right of the locomotive.

After a few minutes OL-3 headed west.

Our next shot was in Carrollton, NY.  The through truss bridge carries the B&P mainline south.  From here to Salamanca the two lines parallel each other.

The chase from here was very easy with shots at Steamburg, NY and

Randolph, NY

We got another shot at Kennedy, NY but it is not included.  At Falconer the OL-3 crew cut off the head 36 cars and

took them up the Falconer Industrial track, south of the main.

After photographing this move we decided to try to intercept the train coming east from Meadville, PA but missed it.  By the time we returned to Falconer the Meadville train was ready to head west again.  We photographed it sitting next to the engine house in Falconer and

at the next grade crossing to the west.

Thus ended our 4th day.  Thanks for looking.

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