Monday, February 23, 2015

Tanzania, Africa - 4

Hi, While we were having breakfast with the Kleemans we were joined by this Village Weaver (below).

As we were not scheduled to leave until late morning I took the opportunity to explore Gibbs Farm.  There were numerous flowers and plants decorating the grounds (above and two below).

The drive to Ngorongoro Crater provide a number of opportunities for photographing street scenes (above and two below). 

We stopped at an overlook from which we could get a broad view of Ngorongoro Crater.  It measures about 12 X 20 miles.  The crater has a high concentration of wildlife.

Kori Bustards were quite common.

However, the Admin's or White Bellied Stork was not.

This Thomson's Gazelle probably lost its horn in a fight or maybe Unicorns really do exist.

We spotted three Rhinos in the crater.  These two were at a great distance and were, therefore, not disturbed by out presence.  The third one ,which we saw later, ran away as we approached it.

One area of the crater seemed to be a nursery for Wildebeest.

Warthogs also enjoy mud baths.

We encountered Gray Crowned Cranes a number of times during our stay in Tanzania.

This female is one of three lionesses that began an attack on an unwary Warthog.

The attack failed because one of the lionesses just sat and watched as the Warthog scurried past.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.  We're tired.

After awhile they came over to check us out.  One even lay down briefly in front of our left front tire.

Here's a Kori Bustard with its crest extended.

Hyenas were another animal I hoped to see and we did see many singly and in pairs, plus a small family.

Thanks for looking.

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