Friday, February 27, 2015

Tanzania, Africa - 5A

Hi, I am splitting the blog for the fifth day of our safari into two parts because of the large number of photos I would like to share.  We spent the entire day in the Ngorongoro Crater, entering at 6:00 AM and leaving at 6:00 PM.  Fortunately our tented camp was only about 5 minutes from the park gate.

A Cape Buffalo regarded us curiously while a second grazed nearby.

All that remained of a Cape Buffalo.

A Hyena sniffs the air.

We next came upon 3 male lions that had made a kill during the night.  Two had already eaten their fill and were resting (above and two below).

 The third was still at the kill, a Cape Buffalo.

Three Jackals arrived on the scene and waited for the male lion to leave.

They then commenced to feed.

However, it wasn't long before the male returned and

chased the Jackals away from the kill.

One of the other males then wandered across the road.

After we left the kill our guide spotted a Serval, a cat rarely seen.

Further on there was a Hyena family.

Zebra foals were quite common.

The Zebras regard the Hyena warily but he/she just passes by.

We stopped for Breakfast next to a small lake that was home to a pod of Hippos.

Our guide, Mkenda, set up a table and chairs in this scenic spot.

While we ate a nearby herd of Wildebeest regarded us and

a number of Village Weavers joined us, stealing bits of food when they could.  One even landed on my knee and hopped on my plate to grab a morsel.

Superb Starlings also were present.

A large flock of Egrets congregated along the shore and

took off periodically.

The large bird left of center is a Pelican.

Here, the large bird is an African Sacred Ibis.

Thanks for looking.

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