Monday, March 2, 2015

Tanzania, Africa - 5B

Hi, As our game drive in Ngorongoro crater (a collapsed volcano) continued

we spotted a female Ostrich (males have black bodies).

A warthog drinks from a puddle as a zebra watches (probably us).

Two Abdim's or White Bellied storks have a arrived for a drink.

We did not see many Hippos as there was not a lot of water deep enough for them.  However, we did look at another, much smaller pool (above and below).

One Hippo entered the water with her baby and did a roll over (above and below).

A pair of Gray Crowned Cranes on the wing.

A male Ostrich (in the background) is following a pair of females.

The Masai bring their goats and cattle into the crater to drink.  They are not supposed to graze but tell that to the animals.

A group of White Bellied Storks look on as a pair of zebras drink.

In one area of the crater we found many wildebeest with calves (above and two below).

I believe these males are Grant Gazelles.

In a wooded area of the crater we encountered a small troop of Blue Monkeys (above and six below).

There were a few babies.

A pair of warthogs just ambled along.

We returned to the kill where we watched the male lion eating in the early morning.  The lions were now about a mile away and vultures were at the kill.

Some of them were really irascible and would fight with the other vultures (above and below).

Two vultures to the right of the photo are going at it.

Eventually a Jackal showed up and chased most of the vultures away (above and below).

Here is one of those male lions.

Next up was a small flock of Gray Crowned Cranes.  This pair appeared to be mating.

In ones and twos they came down to the stream to drink.

A pair of rhinos and a zebra graze in the distance.

 Thanks for looking.

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