Monday, March 16, 2015

Tanzania, Africa - 7A

Hi, This begins our first full day in the Serengeti National Park.

We were treated to another beautiful sunrise (above and below).

Almost at the very beginning of our drive Mkenda, our guide, spotted a Honey Badger and we tried to get into position for a photo.  As we were doing so I remarked that, at least in North America, badgers were very aggressive and very dangerous.  As if on cue the animal turned, charged the truck, bared its teeth and growled.  I took the above photo as it ran off.

Zebra and Wildebeest were all over the savannah. 

More Cheetahs, this time a male and female (above and below).

Wildebeest everywhere (above and two below).

It was always nice to have more than one species of animal in a photo.

In various places in the middle of the savannah there are massive rock formations called Kopies.  This is a small section of one of them.

King of all he surveys and looks the part.

Members of his pride.

Lions like to spend the daylight hours just lying about in the shade (above and below).

This young cub is getting restless.

Returning from his/her short jaunt of exploration.

Thanks for looking.

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